“Because even the smallest support is significant,
thank you to all of you ❤

There are many ways to support an artist and I can certainly offer you some suggestions. Nothing is mandatory but it’s always greatly appreciated. ^^

First and foremost, you can support me without having to spend a dime… Incredible, isn’t it! 😉 By following me on my social media platforms (like Instagram), you can:

  • Like my different posts
  • Leave a kind or constructive comment (yes, I always have something to learn and improve) or just a nice emoji
  • Share my work
  • Spread the word about it to others

You can’t imagine how much this helps me stay motivated, give my best and push myself to deliver even more to you! 🔥

🛒 My shop : I sell there all my handmade products like stickers, digital items, crochet, dice bages, bookmarks, etc. Mostly cosplay and TTRPG related but not only !

🥨 Buy me a Kofi – You don’t find your happiness in the shop but still want to help me. Offer me a coffee is one amazing way to fuel me ! It’s like a jar tip but with coffee and all contribution is greatly appreciated

🧶🖌🧵 Commission – From time to time, I’ll open some commissions slots to bring to life your favorite character in crochet or in chibi drawing style, to sew customized dice bag…

📈 Ko-fi goal – If a big project is in its way and I need support, I’ll create a goal to aim to fund it. Everybody can participate as up as they want. Of course don’t feel obliged to do things, I’m already grateful you came here 💜