Since my beginnings, I have been striving to be as active as possible in the cosplay scene. I have had the opportunity to be invited, host, judge, and organize cosplay events at various conventions across France and now Europe. I am always enthusiastic about discovering new conventions and activities!

Crédit photo : Marco Maldini
Cosplay contest judge

Whether as an organizer, host, judge, or participant, I have a good understanding of cosplay contests. You can find all my experiences related to this area here


I have given presentations on various topics related to cosplay. From introducing this activity to beginners to discussing more advanced topics for a knowledgeable audience (« Choosing your costume for a competition, » « Motivation, rush, and procrastination »), I can adapt to your needs.

Crédit photo : Marco Maldini
Crédit photo : Marco Maldini - Anthony Prosper Photographe
Booth Setup / Exhibition / Photo Ops / Entertainment

Whether as a member of a cosplay association or on my own, I am accustomed to managing booths, exhibitions, engaging with visitors and taking photos. I love being able to share my passion and meet new people.

Contest and catwalk hosting 

Since 2015, I have ventured into hosting cosplay contests and catwalks at small conventions and I thoroughly enjoy this role. Comfortable on stage, dynamic and full of energy, I take pleasure in animating the stage during cosplay presentations.

Photo : Mickaël Tchak' Photographie - Marco Maldini
Photoshoots and videos

Photoshoots and videos are some of my favorite aspects of cosplay. They represent the perfect culmination of the hard work put into creating my costumes. Finally, we bring our creations to life and enhance our efforts with the talent of photographers and videographers. I enjoy photos that tell a story, in locations suitable for the character’s universe.


If you have any questions, want to invite me to your event, or propose a collaboration, please feel free to contact me ! In the meantime, you can find all the necessary information in this document :